Welcome to CCYC, I’m Todd Fischer, the Sail Fleet Captain. I am 52 Years old, was born in Ohio, and I have a brother and sister who both live here in San Diego.

I have a 17 year old son who was born in Coronado, and lives here with me at the Yacht Club Marina. Our family moved from Ohio to San Diego when I was two, as My Father re-enlisted in the Navy.

I grew up just a mile away from here in the Silver Strand Navy Housing. I started sailing there when I was 10. I currently work Construction in town, love to surf, play music in my spare time, and sail, my favorite hobby.
Please come join a crew, sail your own boat, or come watch the Beer Can Races on Wednesdays in season, and Sail Fleet Races in season on weekends posted on CCYC Calendar. Happy Sailing!!