C-Gulls Auxiliary

Join the C-Gulls organization and become part of a growing number of members who want not only to be a member of this yacht club, but who also want to participate financially and socially.

The Coronado Cays Yacht Club C-Gulls are made up of members, spouses and significant others of members who want to get the most out of their membership at CCYC.

They are looking for all the fun and purpose that membership in San Diego’s premier yacht club has to offer. Don’t miss out on the exciting benefits that a C-Gulls membership offers.

CCYC Members that are part-time residents in the Coronado Cays are encouraged to join as well. Membership in the C-Gulls supports the club that all part-time and full-time residents enjoy throughout the seasons.
The C-Gulls Women’s Auxiliary of the Coronado Cays Yacht Club, was established during the yacht club’s first year in 1973. Its Charter is the “…ongoing financial support of CCYC while providing an enjoyable ‘women’s only’ association.”

It is a place for the women of CCYC to take a proactive role in the operation of the club. With representation on the club’s Board of Directors, C-Gulls involvement serves to continually support the financial and social needs of the club. Annual membership is only $50.00!

Additional costs involved are only the monthly lunches and the costs of the “cruises,” which are based on each separate event.

Join the C-Gulls